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Listen to Adam and Emily's journey from Corporate Jobs to Multifamily Real Estate Investing and how they Syndicated 388 units in DFW


Breaking out of corporate America with Multifamily investing with Emily Cortright & Adam Roberts.

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Adam and Emily's experience with raising $5.6M in Equity on their first Multifamily syndication, and the steps that allowed Adam to quit his Corporate Job!


Catch Emily and Adam’s secrets to translating successful marriage into a healthy, thriving company in this new episode of Path to Wellth.

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Multifamily Investing Case Study with Emily and Adam highlighting the Business Plan Implementation after a year of ownership on their 208 unit apartment complex in Dallas, TX.


Leveraging Relationships: How Adam Roberts and Emily Cortright went from Engineers to Apartment Investors.

Adam and Emily Cortright Cover Art Briss

A&E share invaluable information on how they purchased their first large multifamily in a competitive environment and how surrounding yourself with the best team will unlock massive success!

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Adam and Emily recap the performance of their 208-unit apartment complex purchased in May 2019 and discuss what trends they are seeing in today's market

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Another inspirational podcast about how A&E found success in multifamily even in a crowded and competitive market to achieve their Next Level American Dream!

Adam and Emily unpack their ‘why’ for becoming real estate investors, share practical tips from their experience, and offer motivational insights that will help achieve greater abundance in life.

Live Events

Connect with Adam and Emily in-person

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Tarrant County Apartment Investor Mastery (AIM) Meetup

Multifamily Information Session and Networking

Free to Attend

Various Dates


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Rat Race 2 Retirement  



3-day Educational Event on Investing in Multifamily, whether passively or actively.

Registration Required

March 24-26, 2023

VIRTUAL and Dallas, TX


Apartment Investor Mastery National Conference


VIRTUAL Conference on Apartment Investing

Registration Required

TBD - Late Summer 2023

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