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Consistent and concise communication is key.  Adam and Emily are methodical with property updates and provide monthly financials to Investors.

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With manufacturing and supply chain backgrounds, Adam and Emily maintain a close pulse on the asset's performance and overall execution of the business plan

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A&E has established and nurtured strong relationships with all the service providers that are essential throughout the purchase and on-going management of the asset.

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Tangible Assets

Multifamily Investments align with generational preferences and economic trends of today's housing market, and the DFW economy continues to drive demand for affordable housing.


About Us

A&E Real Estate Group was founded by Adam Roberts and Emily Cortright in 2013.  The subsidiary, A&E Multifamily, originated in 2017 and has grown to manage over $75 million in real estate assets throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, primarily investing in B&C class multifamily housing. 

If you’d like the opportunity to invest in future Multifamily acquisitions made by A&E, contact us to schedule a meeting.

To hear more about our journey from Corporate Jobs to Real Estate, listen to Episode 184 on the Old Capital Real Estate Investing Podcast.  


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